The Finance Department manages tax and water billings, budget and expenditure information, fiscal policies, accounts payable, payroll, receivables and cashier services.

As part of the public consultation piece for the 2021 budget, the Municipality has put together a budget survey for residents to participate in. To see the results of the 2021 Budget Survey please visit the Public Engagement page.

Each week the Municipality will be publishing a 2021 budget article to help inform residents about the budget process and why it's important. To view the 2021 Budget Spotlight please visit our Public Engagement page or subscribe to our Newsfeed to get the articles in your email.


Property Taxes

Property tax is one revenue source used to pay for municipal programs and services provided to residents. Besides municipal taxes your property tax bill includes education taxes, county taxes and a waste management fee.

The 2021 Interim tax bills are due on February 25, 2021.


The municipality approves its capital and operating budgets annually.  The budget establishes the required tax rates as well as user fees and water and sewer rates to pay for municipal programs and services for the year.  The budget process identifies annually capital projects to be completed, such as the maintenance and replacement of infrastructure.

2021 Budget Documents

2020 Budget Documents

2019 Budget Documents

Financial Statements and Reports

Financial statements are prepared each year according to Public Sector Accounting Board standards.

Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan is a long term planning document that establishes when to maintain, rehabilitate and replace municipal assets.

Development Charges

Mississippi Mills follows the principal that growth should pay for growth.  As a result, new development projects are required to pay Development Charges to off set the costs of expansions and upgrades to municipal services, parks and institutions to accommodate more residents in our community.

Development Charges are generally payable at the time a Building Permit is issued and are subject to a set fee established at the beginning of each year. Charges to both the local municipality and County of Lanark are applicable.

Visit for current rates.

Long Term Financial Plan

The long-term financial plan provides direction to both Council and Staff on target expenses, debt levels, reserves and taxes. The plan does not include water and sewer because they are not paid from taxes but from water and sewer rates for the service. Water and sewer has a separate financial plan.


Municipal Grants

Organizations seeking support can apply annually for municipal grants. Applications are included in the annual budget process and organizations are notified of their allocations, if approved, once the budget has been finalized. For more information please view the Municipal Grant Policy.

Fees and Charges 

A Fees and Charges Bylaw is reviewed and passed annually by Council to establish user fees for services provided by the municipality. Please click on the links below to view the by-laws. 

2020 Fees and Charges By-law

2021 Fees and Charges By-law 

Water and Sewer Rates 

The water and sewer services rates bylaw is passed annually following completion of the budget and sets both an annual base charge and a rate for consumption.