Deputy Mayor Rickey Minnille

Name Rickey Minnille
Phone (613) 889-4479 
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Living in Mississippi Mills for 65 years has given me a real feel for the community and the people that live here. Stone mason by trade, l owned and operated my own business for 45 years, raised a family, and successfully retired here.

For 3 terms, 2003 - 2014, l served as an Almonte Ward Councillor for the Municipality.  I am currently serving a 4 year term as Deputy Mayor.                              My current duties include:

  • Member of Council
  • Member of Committee of the Whole             
  • Public Works Advisory Committee                                                                                       
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee   

As Deputy Mayor I am a part of County Council  where l chair Community Services and the Reconstruction and Redevelopment Committee.  Other County Committees I'm a part of include Public Works, Economic Development and Corporate Services.