Do you have feedback for the Municipality?

If you have a complaint regarding a municipal facility, staff member, or service, please see the below information regarding informal and formal complaints, our Complaint Policy and the Municipal Complaint form as we are always happy to receive your feedback. 

What is the difference between informal and formal complaints?

Informal complaints:

It is encouraged that individuals and municipal staff work to resolve issues or concerns before they become formal complaints. Informal complaints may be made in person, by phone, letter, e-mail or fax. It is the responsibility of municipal staff to attempt to resolve issues or concerns before they become formal complaints and identify opportunities to improve municipal services.

Formal Complaints:

A formal complaint is generated when an informal resolution cannot be successfully achieved. This will result in a file generated, investigation, and decision. All complaints should be filed in a timely manner.

Complaints Policy 

For more information on complaints please view our Complaints Policy.

Complaint Form

If you feel your complaint cannot be dealt with informally please fill out the Municipal Complaint form which will be sent directly to the Clerk's Department for action.