Welcome to the new Mississippi Mills Building Department resource page. The Building Department deals with all matters that fall under the Building Code Act and the Ontario Building Code including new construction, change of use of a building or part of a building, demolition, renovation and the occupancy of buildings. 

In this section of the Mississippi Mills Building Department webpage you will find links to forms, FAQ, detailed explanations and other useful information that will help you with your building project. 

Listed below are the main links to help guide you in your building project.  

Appointment Request Form  

This section contains a consultation form to fill out, please provide contact information and an appointment request date and time. Please make sure that you have reviewed the building permit information section to ensure you have compiled all the correct documentation prior to requesting an appointment. Please be advised, that the meeting will take place at the municipal offices, at 3131 Old Perth Rd, Almonte, ON K0A 1A0.

Appointment Request Form 

Contact Information

This section contains all the contact information for the members of the Mississippi Mills Building Department.

Chief Building Official:
Dan Prest 
Phone: (613) 256 2064 ext. 260
Email: Dan Prest


Building Inspectors:

Shane Atkinson
Phone: (613) 256 2064 ext. 260
Email: Shane Atkinson

Building and Planning Administrators:

Roxanne Sweeney
Phone: (613) 256 2064 ext. 209
Email: Roxanne Sweeney

Permit Fees 

The permit fees document below provides you with the most current Building Permit Fees for all building permits within Mississippi Mills. 

Permit Fees

Development Charges and Public Works Fees 

Please contact the Municipality for current list of  all Development Charges and Public Works Charges within Mississippi Mills. 

Building Permit Information 

This section will supply you all information required for permit issuance, including specific building types, sizes and their required documents for permit.  In this section you will also find a link to the Building Code Act and the E-Laws 2012 Ontario Building Code. 

Building Permit Information

Frequently Asked Questions

This section hosts some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) by the public.  If you are starting a project and have questions, this is a good place to start. 

Building Department FAQ

Forms, Documents and Bylaws 

This section will supply you a link to PDF copies of the most common forms required for building permit applications within the Municipality of Mississippi Mills, Important Documents and By-Laws. Includes Building Permit Applications, Sign Permit Applications, Pool Permit applications, Occupancy Checklist and more. 

Building Forms, Documents and Bylaws

Inspection Requirements 

This section will give you a list of all required inspections that may be required for a project within Mississippi Mills.  These inspections are the minimum prescribed inspections as per Div. C of the most current version of the Ontario Building Code. 

Permit Inspections 

Pools and Hot Tub Permits 

This section will explain the requirements for Pools within Mississippi Mills. Pools require their own separate permit and any decks require a separate Building Permit Application. Within this section is a link the Pool By-Law where all the requirements are outlined. 

Pools and Hot Tub Permits

Sign Permits

This section will give you a link to the most current Sign By-Law that is enacted within Mississippi Mills. There will also be sign related forms and general clarification for anyone looking to erect a sign in Mississippi Mills. 

Sign Permits

Adding a Second Unit in an Existing Home

Adding a second unit is a great way to provide independent living for a family member or make a little extra money to help pay off the mortgage. But there are things you need to consider as you decide whether to build a second unit.  Is your home detached, semi-detached or a rowhouse that is more than five years old? Are you considering renovating it to add a second unit? If the answers are yes, then this guide can help you.  Before deciding to add a second unit, it is important that you first speak with your local municipal planning and building departments. They can tell you whether you are allowed to add a second unit on your property and answer any questions that you have related to local zoning, the Building Code and other by-laws. Please visit the Ontario Add a Second Unit to Your House website.   

Code of Conduct 

Below is a document that will provide you with the council passed Building Department Code of Conduct as per 7.(1) of the Building Code Act. 

Building Officials Code of Conduct