The Municipality of Mississippi Mills Zoning By-law (Office Consolidation March, 2020) is a by-law that zones each property and permits specific uses; where buildings and structures can be located (e.g. setbacks); and how a site can be designed (e.g. required lot sizes, building heights, landscaping requirements, and parking requirements). 

Zoning By-law

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How to use the GIS Mapping Tool and Zoning By-law

GIS Mapping Tool

Step 1: Find out what your property is zoned

The Municipality has a GIS Mapping Tool that you can use to determine the zoning of your property.

Step 2: Determining required setbacks

  • Once you figure out what your property is zoned, you can check the Zoning By-law to see what the required setbacks are by looking at the “zone provisions” table under each of the zone sections.
  • Sometimes, properties will have a subzone (i.e.: R2E, denoted by a letter after the zone), there will be a table of “subzone provisions” that sets out the required setbacks.
  • Some properties will also have a Special Exception (i.e.: R2-1, denoted by a dash and a number after the zone), there will be a “Special Provisions” section that sets out specific differences to the zone provisions that apply to this property only.

Step 3: Understanding how the required setbacks apply to your property

  • The setbacks in the zoning by-law are the distances that you must keep between your property lines and the structure that you’re building.
  • If you are unsure about where your property lines are located, you may need to consult an Ontario Land Surveyor – only Ontario Land Surveyors can tell you exactly where your property lines are located.
  • If your yard is larger than the required yard, your deck or porch can be bigger; only the required yards matter.

Environmental and Contextual Notes:

  • In some cases, there may be environmental constraints that would prohibit the construction of buildings in certain locations or there may be additional approvals from the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority that are required.
  • Please note that on some properties, there may be easements, drainage easements, swales or other drainage features that may limit where decks and porches can be located; contact the Municipality if there are features on your property that you are unsure about.