The Community Official Plan provides a framework for how, where and when the Municipality will grow.  The Municipality’s goal is to manage growth sustainably while protecting some of our most vulnerable resources.

Mississippi Mills is an outstanding urban and rural community that is recognized for its natural and architectural beauty, high quality of life and respect for its heritage and environment.  In its vision of the future, the community will be seen to promote and manage balanced economic growth.

Community Official Plan

Copies of the Schedules and Maps of Official Plan designations are available on the Interactive Mapping Tool.



Official Plan Amendments


Below lists the most recent Official Plan Amendments that are approved and 

are in full effect:








Official Plan Amendment 29  
Prime Agricultural Area Designation Review

OPA 29 Public Meeting Information April 5, 2022


Official Plan Amendment 22  
Almonte Settlement Area Boundary Review

Report and Recommendation to Committee of the Whole
- Council's Opportunity to Review and Discuss 


Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.


Livestream the meeting or view the recorded meeting on our Council Calendar.


This meeting is for the Committee of the Whole (Council) to review and discuss the Planning report and recommendations regarding OPA 22 as provided in the Special Committee of the Whole agenda report for March 25, 2021. Decisions from Committee of the Whole are not finalized until approved by Council at a later date.


Please send your written comments by email to and reference "OPA 22" to be forwarded to Council.


Public Meeting (written comments)
Opportunity for you to share your viewpoint with Council

This meeting was held on January 26, 2021. This was a statutory public meeting for the purpose of giving the public an opportunity to make representation regarding the proposed OPA 22 by-law amendment.


Please send your written comments by email to and reference "OPA 22"

Video Recording of Public Meeting:

View Public Meeting for OPA

Virtual Information Session / Open House (virtual)
Opportunity for you to learn and ask questions
Purpose: This meeting was held on January 19, 2021. The purpose of the virtual information session or open house is to provide information and gather feedback from the public on the proposed Official Plan Amendment 22 (OPA 22) regarding the Almonte Settlement Area Boundary Review. 


Virtual Information Session Presentation Slides

Video Recording of Virtual Information Session:


View video on Youtube

OPA 22 Documents and Additional Resources: