** PLEASE NOTE ** The Building and Planning Department is located at:
Almonte Old Town Hall
14 Bridge Street, Almonte

** Notice 1**

Starting February 1, 2023, Building Permit Applications will require all estimated building permit fees and $100 zoning approval certificate fees to be paid at the time of application, as per Building Bylaw 18-23.

In accordance with our Development Charges By-law 18-88, applicable Development Charges will be payable upon issuance of a building permit.

For more information, please contact building@mississippimills.ca.

Building and Renovating

Welcome to the Mississippi Mills Building Department resource page. The Building Department deals with all matters that fall under the Building Code Act and the Ontario Building Code including new construction, Change of Use of a building or part of a building, demolition, renovation and the occupancy of buildings. 

In this section of the Mississippi Mills Building Department webpage you will find links to the Building Permit Application Form, FAQ, detailed explanations and other useful information that will help you with your building project. 

For the most current Building Permit Fees, please visit 2024 Building Fees. New homes and development will require Development Charges. For a list of applicable fees, please visit Development Charges webpage.

Listed below are the main links to help guide you in your building project.  

Procedure for Building Permit Applications

      1. Please fill out the Building Permit Application form and Schedule 1- Designer Information and email your application, along with the drawings, details, and Site Plan to building@mississippimills.ca. A list of all required documents for building permit applications can be found on the Building Permit Information page. 

        If you are applying for a building permit and you are not the owner, you will need to submit a Letter of Authorization Form signed by the owner.
        • **Please note, if you wish to cancel your permit application after you've submitted it, there will be costs that cannot be refunded. Schedule B of the Building By-law lists the Refund Percentages available.
      2. The estimated 
building permit fees
       and zoning approval certificate fee of $100 will be due and payable when you submit your application.
    • Your application will NOT be reviewed until all estimated building and zoning fees are paid in full.
    • To determine the cost of your building permit, please view the 2024 Building Fees and Charges, or contact the Building Department. Building permit fees are subject to confirmation during the plans review process, which may result in an adjustment to the estimated building permit fees.
    • Development Charges may be applicable depending on the project, typically new buildings or new residential suits, and will be due and payable when the Building Permit is issued. Your building permit is NOT valid until your building permit and development charges have been paid in full.
    • Fees and charges can be paid by exact cash, cheque, or debit, located at 14 Bridge St, PO Box 400, Almonte ON K0A 1A0. 
  1. Once we receive your application, the information will be entered into our CGIS software program and assigned an application number for tracking. 

  2. Your application and site plan will first go to the Planning Department for their Zoning By-law review. They will contact you directly if they require additional information or documentation.  Every Building Permit Application must comply with the Zoning By-law in order to be considered a complete package.

  3. Once approved by the Planning Department, a Building Inspector or 3rd party reviewer, will review your application and drawings. Your residential application should be reviewed and approved in 10 business days IF you have provided a complete package and IF there is no additional information required to review your application. If additional information is required, there may be delays.

  4. Once your application is reviewed by the Building Department, the Chief Building Official (CBO) provides the final approval.

  5. When your building permit is approved, you'll receive an email with your invoice. The invoice will identify the previously estimated and paid building and zoning fees, and will show the remaining fees that are due, including Development Charges, if applicable.
    Your permit fee can be paid by exact cash, cheque, or debit, located at 14 Bridge St, PO Box 400, Almonte ON K0A 1A0, to pay your fee. 
    **Your building permit is NOT valid, and will not be released, until your invoice has been paid in full.

  6. Once we receive payment, we will email your Building Permit, receipt, and permit drawings.

  7. Please post the Building Permit in a conspicuous location on your property facing the road.

  8. Inspections are listed on your Building Permit. Please email building@mississippimills.ca or call 613-256-2064 ext. 508 to book your inspections.

  9. Additional inspection fees may be assessed if an inspection is conducted and the work is either not ready, there is no access, insufficient documents are available, or if the number of inspections exceeds what is otherwise reasonable.

  10. All building permits expire after 1 year, after which, a renewal of the permit will be required. Renewal fees are due annually upon expiry of the permit if the permit file is not complete. Please note the expiry date on your permit and contact the Building Department if your permit requires a renewal. Renewal fees can be found in the 2024 Building Fees and Charges By-law.

  11. Please note that if you wish to cancel your permit application once the review process has begun, there will be costs that cannot be refunded. Schedule B of the Building By-law lists the Refund Percentages available.

If you have any questions regarding your building permit application process please don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact Information

This section contains all the contact information for the members of the Mississippi Mills Building Department.

Chief Building Official:

Jon Wilson

Phone: (613) 256 2064 ext. 504
Email: jwilson@mississippimills.ca


Senior Plans Examiner & Deputy Chief Building Official:

Robert Lamarre

Phone: (613) 256 2064 ext. 506
Email: rlamarre@mississippimills.ca


Building Inspectors:

Sadie Dupuis

Phone (613) 256 2064 ext. 505

Email: sdupuis@mississippimills.ca 


Eric Madore

Phone (613) 256 2064 ext. 515

Email: emadore@mississippimills.ca

Building Clerk:

Jennifer Russell

Phone (613) 256 2064 ext. 508

Email: jrussell@mississippimills.ca


Planning & Bylaw Clerk: 

Phone: (613) 256 2064 ext. 507
Email: mplanner@mississippimills.ca

Septic Information
Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority 

Phone: (613) 253-0006

Email: mrsso@mvc.on.ca 

10970 Highway 7, Carleton Place

Permit Fees 

The 2024 Building Fees document provides you with the most current Building Permit Fees for all building permits within Mississippi Mills. 

*Building and Zoning fees are due and payable when you submit your application.

New homes and developments will also require Development Charges. For a list of fees, please visit the Development Charges webpage for more details.
*Development Charges are due and payable when your building permit has been approved.


Please note that if you wish to cancel your permit once the permit application process has begun, there will be costs that cannot be refunded. Schedule B of the Building By-law lists the Refund Percentages available.

Development Charges and Public Works Fees 

For a current list of all Development Charges please visit the Development Charges webpage.

Development Charges are due and payable when your building permit has been approved.

For Public Works Charges please email Public Works or call 613-256-2064 ext. 403

Building Permit Information 

This section will supply you with all the information required for permit issuance, including specific building types, sizes and their required documents for permit.  In this section you will also find a link to the Building Code Act and the E-Laws 2012 Ontario Building Code. 

Building Permit Information

Frequently Asked Questions

This section hosts some of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) by the public.  If you are starting a project and have questions, this is a good place to start. 

Building Department FAQ

Forms, Documents and Bylaws 

This section will supply you a link to PDF copies of the most common forms required for building permit applications within the Municipality of Mississippi Mills, Important Documents and By-Laws. Includes Building Permit Applications, Sign Permit Applications, Pool Permit applications, Occupancy Checklist and more. 

Building Forms, Documents and Bylaws

Inspection Requirements 

This section will give you a list of all required inspections that may be required for a project within Mississippi Mills.  These inspections are the minimum prescribed inspections as per Div. C of the most current version of the Ontario Building Code. 

Permit Inspections 

Pools and Hot Tub Permits 

This section will explain the requirements for Pools within Mississippi Mills. Pools require their own separate permit and any decks require a separate Building Permit Application. Within this section is a link the Pool By-Law where all the requirements are outlined. 

Pools and Hot Tub Permits

Sign Permits

This section will give you a link to the most current Sign By-Law that is enacted within Mississippi Mills. There will also be sign related forms and general clarification for anyone looking to erect a sign in Mississippi Mills. 

Sign Permits

Adding a Second Unit in an Existing Home

Before deciding to add a secondary unit, it is important that you first speak with your municipal Planning department and Building department. They can tell you whether you are allowed to add a second unit on your property and answer any questions that you have related to local zoning, and the Building Code.

If you are interested in establishing a Secondary Dwelling Unit on your property, please review the guidelines below and fill out the worksheet to submit to the Planning department for their review and comment. 


You could also visit the Ontario Add a Second Unit to Your House website for common questions and information.

Code of Conduct 

Below is a document that will provide you with the council passed Building Department Code of Conduct as per 7.(1) of the Building Code Act. 

Building Officials Code of Conduct