Annual Exchange Day

May 3 – May 5, 2024

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills holds an annual Exchange Day during the first weekend of May each year.  This is a day where residents of Mississippi Mills can put items out at the curb they no longer want, and others can take the "treasurers." Items can be placed on the curb on the Friday and must be brought back in (if not taken) on the Sunday. 


  • For larger items or those of safety concern, a curb side sign may be more appropriate.
  • Please include a sign with your items indicating "Free." This way, people know you're participating in Exchange Day, and know that your item is free to take!
  • Please ensure that no items that you do not wish to give away are left near the road. 
  • Disposal of items not taken is the responsibility of the resident - The Municipality will NOT be picking the items up on collection day.
  • Please beware of children's safety; do not place any items out that might have potential danger i.e. refrigerators/freezers with door. The Municipality of Mississippi Mills assumes no responsibility or liability regarding these items.