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Mississippi Mills is a growing community; and good growth starts with Planning.

The Planning Department provides assistance to developers and residents alike to ensure that projects, both big and small, comply with bylaws and policies respecting land uses and building regulations.

Residents are encouraged to investigate and learn more about land use policies in our community with the Interactive Mapping Tool below, which shows zoning designation for properties within Mississippi Mills.

 Interactive Mapping Tool

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills Comprehensive Zoning By-law 11-83 (Office Consolidation March, 2020) is a bylaw which states how land may be used; where buildings and structures can be located (e.g. setbacks); and how land can be designed (e.g. required lot sizes, building heights, landscaping requirements, and parking requirements).

Comprehensive Zoning By-law 11-83

 Amending By-laws By Year

Amending By-laws 2012

Amending By-laws 2013

Amending By-laws 2014

Amending By-laws 2015

Amending By-laws 2016

Amending By-laws 2017

Amending By-laws 2018

Amending By-laws 2019

Amending By-laws 2020

Amending By-laws 2021

Amending By-laws 2022


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Visit the Building and Planning page for information on building forms, inspections, documents, by-laws and frequently asked questions.

Active Planning Notices and Applications

Below are Notices of Public Meetings and Notices of Complete Applications received by the Planning Department. The Public Meetings below have been scheduled to consider and receive input on planning applications pursuant to the requirements of the Planning Act. The date, time and location of the meeting are identified in each link below in addition to a brief description of the purpose and planning contact information.  Each link below provides the notices as well as any pertinent information related to the planning application. 

Notice of Public Meeting - Minor Variance Application - 1211 County Road 29 North 

Monday, March 27, 2023 


Notice of Complete Application - Zoning By-law Amendment and Plan of Subdivision Application - 122 Old Mill Lane, Appleton (no public meeting scheduled at this time)

Notice of Complete Application - Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments and Plan of Subdivision Application - 1218 Old Almonte Road (no public meeting scheduled at this time)

Official Plan Amendment 29  
Prime Agricultural Area Designation Review

Public Notice of Adoption of Official Plan Amendment 29

By-law 22-072 to adopt Official Plan Amendment 29

Agriculture Designation Comparison Map

Click Here to view the map 

Official Plan Amendment 29 and Zoning By-law Amendment Z-04-22 - Prime Agricultural Area Designation Review (LEAR) - May 17 2022

Committee of the Whole Staff Report

OPA 29 Public Meeting Information April 5, 2022