Changes in Recycle Collection Program

The Mississippi Mills’ recycle collection program has changed from single stream weekly collection to dual stream alternating week collection of fibres (paper) and containers (glass/metal/plastics).  

Thank you for your patience and continued support and participation in our Waste Management Program!

Recycling Matters!  It saves money and preserves resources. So please, do your part - make sure you recycle all the accepted materials under curbside collection and by visiting your local depot locations

Additional blue and yellow boxes can be purchased at the Municipal Office for $8.00.  (price subject to change)

Damaged blue and yellow boxes may be returned to the Municipal Office for a replacement one free of charge. 

Per By-Law No. 14-33, all waste and recycle for curbside collection must be set out by 7:00 am on your collection day to guarantee pickup.

Download Recycling Collection Schedule

Download Curbside Collection Map & Schedule

Health and Safety of Drivers

  • Waste Drivers do not drive on private property
  • For safety reasons, a waste driver is not allowed to cross the street to pick up waste on both sides of the street except for dead-end streets.
  • For safety reasons, waste drivers do their routes turning to the right as much as possible, this means that the left-hand side of the street may be collected significantly later in the day.
  • For safety reasons, waste drivers make every effort NOT to back up in any area - there are some exceptions to this.
  • From time to time there are areas where wires hang low and, for safety reasons, drivers do not enter these areas. 

Acceptable Recycling items

* Corrugated boxboard - securely tied with string no bigger than 30" x 30" x 6" (high) 

Take it Back Option

There is a convenient option for recycling certain products that are best kept out of our landfills. The Municipality of Mississippi Mills has partnered with the Rideau Environmental Action League (REAL)to help direct people to non-blue box alternatives.  It is supported by the municipalities of North Grenville, Mississippi Mills, Perth and Smiths Falls. A comprehensive list has been generated of local businesses, repair shops, non-profit organizations, waste haulers and recyclers - throughout our Eastern Ontario shopping area - that will accept a variety of materials. The Recyclopedia allows you to look for items by category for example batteries, books, furniture etc. For more information please visit the Recyclopedia website.

Other Resources

Below are several helpful links and publications which will help us all to make better choices with our waste:

The Hub

Report a Concern

If you have a concern with your curbside pickup, or any other matter for waste and recycling, please fill out the Waste Concern Form on the Report a Concern webpage.