Get outside and enjoy the outdoor facilities that Mississippi Mills has to offer!

Soccer Fields
Soccer Fields (Municipal) Location
Almonte Civitan  (variety of soccer fields)  500 Almonte St, Almonte
Fred Millar Park (2 fields)  Margaret St, Pakenham

Gemmill Park (1 field)

 182 Bridge St, Almonte

Appleton (Jake Lubbers) Field (2 fields)

 River Road, Almonte

MacGregor Park (1 field)

 3131 Old Perth Rd, Almonte

Riverfront Estates Central Park (1 field)

 Spring St, Almonte

Email the Recreation & Culture Department or call (613) 256-1077 for more information.

Ball Diamonds
Ball Diamonds (Municipal) Location Lights
Gemmill Park 182 Bridge St, Almonte Yes
MacGregor Park 3131 Old Perth Rd, Almonte No
Pakenham Ball Diamonds Margaret St, Pakenham Yes
Snedden Casey 337-359 Ann St, Almonte Yes
Municipal Rates

Hourly Rental (No Lights Required)          $ 17.50/hour       
Hourly Rental (Lights Required)                  $22.00/hour

Tournament Rate                                                 $135.00                 

Email the Recreation & Culture Department  or (613) 256-1077 for more information.

Clayton Community Ball Diamond  (Not municipally run)
Contact: Graham Jones (613) 256-9141

Basketball Courts 

  • Augusta Park
  • Gemmill Park
  • Glenmeadow Park
  • Wylie Street Park                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Please visit our Parks, Playgrounds and Trails page for more information about these parks.

Disc Golf Course

  • Gemmill Park

Lawn Bowling

Almonte Lawn Bowling

Almonte Lawn Bowling  Club
157 Robert Street, Almonte

The Almonte Lawn Bowling Club was established in 1911 when a group of citizens began using the green beside the Old Town Hall. In 1933, the club was moved to its current location (formerly a cricket clubhouse) at 157 Robert Street in Almonte and has been welcoming prospective members ever since.

Open May - September (weather permitting) from 6:40 am – 8:15 pm              New members welcome! Come join the fun, get some exercise and make                                                                                           new  friends!


Almonte Tennis Club

Almonte Tennis Club
182 Bridge Street, Almonte 

The Almonte Tennis Club was established in 1970 with 150 members. The tennis courts are in Gemmill Park. It operates on a non-profit basis and is partly funded by the Municipality of Mississippi Mills.  

They offer a wide range of programs for all ages.

For all inquiries please email