The village of Pakenham was formally established as a postal station in 1823. The village of Pakenham was named for Sir Edward Michael Pakenham, a brother-in-law to the Duke of Wellington.  The village was predominately reliant on both the farming and timber-trade for industry.

Pakenham is the site of two of Lanark County’s Seven Wonders- the Five Span Bridge built in 1901 and St. Peter’s Celestine Catholic Church.  Another hidden treasure is the Pakenham General Store which dates back to 1840 and is Canada’s oldest general store to have operated continuously on its original site, in its original stone building.

Visit this charming village nestled beside the Mississippi River as it descends in boiling rapids beneath the historic Five Span Bridge.

Pakenham is a must-see for the outdoors enthusiast – from paddling to skiing to hiking and more. Enjoy Mount Pakenham with its stunning vistas and exceptional ski hill, or spend a day on the golf course, tucked away at the bottom of the mountain.