Mississippi Mills is undertaking a large project called MM2048 that involves virtually every service and department.  We’re looking at everything from roads to childcare to water and wastewater to recreation to festivals and events to economic development to quality of life and everything in between, all at the same time.

 The MM2048 project is about setting a course for our community well into the future.  Do you have concerns about Ottawa Street’s capacity?  Think we should build a ring road or another river crossing?  Do you really want to see a Forest Childcare School established? What about trails and parks and recreation programs?  Are you thinking about waste and recycling? How much capacity is there at the Waste-water treatment plant anyways? Do you want to make sure new development pays for new development? Are you interested in future employment and economic development strategies?  MM2048 is the time for us to talk about all of that and more.  


Public Information Session Info Boards
If you were unable to attend previous Public Information Sessions held on April 13, May 25 and May 30, 2023, you can view the information boards by clicking here
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In the fall of 2023 Council will have some important decisions to make for our community.  Staff and consultants will be bringing options to Council to shape the community and the services we enjoy.  Get informed and get involved! Fill out the comment form!

Your feedback is important to us and essential to ensure our Plans and Strategies accurately reflect the needs and priorities of its users. 

Solid Waste Management Strategy - Community Survey


General Lead: David Shen, Director of Development Services and Engineering dshen@mississippimills.ca 
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