Entrance and Municipal Address Permit 

To construct or alter an entrance to your property from a Municipal road, you must submit an Application for Entrance Permit. A Municipal address will also be assigned at this time if the property consists of a dwelling. Completed form and appropriate fee must be returned to the Roads and Public Works Department.

Entrance Permit Form – Almonte 2020

Entrance Permit Form – Ramsay Pakenham 

Transportation of Vehicles, Loads, Objects or Structures in Excess of the Limits Prescribed by the Highway Traffic Act Permit 

The Roads and Public Works Department requires notification, by means of an Application for Oversize/Overweight Load Permit, any time that a load exceeding the limits prescribed by the Highway Traffic Act is being transported utilizing a road under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills. A permit must be approved before the move commences. The required fee, payable to the Municipality of Mississippi Mills, are due upon receipt of permit. Applications will not be approved if your account is not in good standing.

Permit for Transportation of Large Loads