National AccessAbility Week
National AccessAbility Week

National AccessAbility Week May 26 - June 1

AccessAbility Tip 1
AccessAbility Week Tip 1

Assisting People with Physical Disabilities

AccessAbility Tip 2
AccessAbility Week Tip 2

Assisting People with Hearing Loss

AccessAbility Tip 3
AccessAbility Week Tip 3

Assisting People with Vision Impairments

AccessAbility Tip 4
AccessAbility Week Tip 4

Assisting People with Mental Health Disabilities

What is the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act?

Ontario has an important law called the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), which is the first of its kind in Canada. The goal is to create equal accessibility standards throughout the province of Ontario.

Businesses and organizations that provide goods and services to people in Ontario are required to meet accessibility standards in these five areas:

  • Customer service
  • Transportation
  • Information and communication
  • Built environment
  • Employment

What is accessible customer service?

Accessible customer service is now the law and came into force on January 1, 2008. This means that businesses and organizations that provide goods or services to people will be legally required to make their customer service operations accessible to people with disabilities. As a municipality, Mississippi Mills is required to comply with the Accessibility Standards for Customer Service. Meeting these standards involves identifying and removing barriers to customer service in operational practices, policies and procedures, and communications. The customer service standard is the first in a series of standards that will help lead to a fully accessible Ontario.

The municipal website and all municipal documents are available in alternate formats upon request. Please contact the Clerk's Office for more information.

What is the Accessibility Advisory Committee?

As providers of service to the public, the Municipality of Mississippi Mills plays a significant role in ensuring full access to those living in our community through the Council appointed Mississippi Mills Accessibility Advisory Committee (AAC). Each year, the committee develops the municipality’s Annual Accessibility Plan. The plan identifies barriers to municipal practices and services and recommends solutions for their removal. The public is encouraged to review the plans and provide input regarding barriers that may exist in municipal services, programs and practices.

What is AccessAbility Awareness Week?

AccessAbility Awareness week, previously known as National Access Awareness Week, was established in 1988 to promote better access for people with disabilities. This week was created in response to a request from Rick Hansen, following his 40,000 km Man in Motion World Tour. Held at the end of May, it celebrates achievements made both by and for people with disabilities. Look for information and events for AccessAbility Awareness Week on our News and Public Notice page in early spring.

What is the municipality’s Accessible Election Plan? 

The Accessible Election Plan 2018 was used in the 2018 Municipal Election in conjunction with the Municipality of Mississippi Mills' current Accessible Customer Service Policy, guidelines, training and customer service feedback standards. It is intended to highlight measures that the Municipality implemented to ensure equal opportunity for all electors and candidates.

How do I provide feedback for accessibility issues?

Feedback from our residents gives the Municipality of Mississippi Mills an opportunity to learn and improve.  The Municipality recognizes that it is the right of our residents to submit feedback regarding the provision of accessible customer service.

To assist the Municipality in ensuring that the delivery of goods and services is provided in an effective and timely manner to those with disabilities, residents are invited to provide their feedback using the Customer Feedback Form. All feedback will be forwarded to the Clerk for action.  Correspondence acknowledging receipt of the feedback will be provided.

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