Tip 4

Tip 4

Did you know…Vision disabilities reduce a person’s ability to see clearly. Very few people are totally blind. Many have limited vision such as loss of peripheral or central vision, where others can only see outlines of objects or the direction of light.

Here are some tips to help people who are vision impaired:

  • Identify yourself when you approach the person. Speak normally and clearly and don’t walk away without saying good-bye.
  • If you offer assistance, wait until you receive permission from that person then offer your arm to guide them while walking slowly.
  • Don’t touch or address service animals as they are working and have to pay attention at all times to their surroundings.

Here are some tips for businesses to assist people that are vision impaired:

  • Ask if the customer would like you to read any printed material out loud to them (e.g., a menu or cost of services)
  • Make it clear that service animals are welcomed in your establishment.
  • Don’t leave the customer in the middle of the room if you need to leave them, guide them to a comfortable location.
  • Use planters beside uneven steps to visually mark changes in levels which could be hazardous.

Join us in an effort to raise awareness for equal access and full participation for individuals with disabilities. Let’s celebrate the achievements of those who encounter barriers every day!

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