Councillor Denny Ferguson

Name Denzil (Denny) Ferguson
Phone Number 613 624-5435 
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Ward Pakenham

I grew up in Rural Renfrew  and enjoyed farming, picking tobacco, and participating in every available sport including the odd trip to Portage, Que. to elbow bend. My family consists of my wife Margie and our four grown children, nine grandchildren, one great grandchild. I love Mississippi Mills because of its location, people and community. I have lived here for 51 years. Some of my interests and hobbies include farming, bush work, sports, music and dancing.

My education consists of Algonquin College for business. I'm a retired RCMP Officer (1961- 87), CSIS, Public Service Industrial Security Specialist, and Private Sector National Security Manager. I currently sit on the following committees: Public Works, Finance, Police Services, Pakenham Fair, Volunteer President - Valley Heritage Radio. I have been on Council for 30 long years.