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Elected Official

Contact Information

 Mayor Christa Lowry

Christa Lowry

Bus: (613) 256-2064  

Email: Mayor Lowry

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Office Hours: Thursday 1-4 pm (by appointment only)

 Deputy Mayor Rickey Minnille

Deputy Mayor
Rickey Minnille

Phone: (613) 889-4479 

Email: Deputy Mayor Minnille

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 Almonte Councillor John Dalgity

Councillor (Almonte)
John Dalgity

Phone: (613) 240-7902

Email: Councillor Dalgity

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 Almonte Councillor Jan Maydan

Councillor (Almonte)
Jan Maydan

Phone: (613) 256-7695

Email: Councillor Maydan

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 Ramsay Councillor Bev Holmes

Councillor (Ramsay)
Bev Holmes

Phone: (613) 316-0501

Email: Councillor Holmes

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 Ramsay Councillor Cynthia Guerard

Councillor (Ramsay)
Cynthia Guerard

Phone:(613) 253-6865

Email: Councillor Guerard

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 Pakenham Councillor Denny Ferguson

Councillor (Pakenham) 
Denzil (Denny) Ferguson

Phone: (613)624-5435 

Email: Councillor Ferguson

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