A proclamation is an official announcement or declaration, issued by the Mayor, to recognize an important matter.  Proclamations may be issued for various special events, occasions or issues and serve as a public education and awareness piece. 

Who can request a proclamation or illumination? 

We welcome requests from residents, businesses and charitable/non-profit organizations; however, a proclamation may only be issued to: 

  • Charitable and non-profit organizations to help increase public awareness of their programs and activities. 
  • Individuals who have achieved honorary distinction and/or have made significant contributions to the community. 
  • An organization, committee or board that is associated with the Municipality. 
  • Support Provincial or Federal government requests, programs, or initiatives. 

Furthermore, the Municipality will not issue a proclamation if the undertakings or philosophy of a group, individual, or organization are: 

  • Contrary to the Municipality's policies and bylaws;
  • Discriminatory; 
  • Espousing hatred, violence, or racism; 
  • Illegal; 
  • Not located within the boundaries of the Municipality;
  • Politically or religiously motivated; or 
  • Intended for profit-making purposes. 

To ensure that all requests are dealt with consistently, Council's endorsement is based on a framework contained in the Municipality's Proclamation Policy.

How do I request a Proclamation or Illumination? 

Those interested in having a proclamation or illumination may submit an application using the online form here; Proclamation / Illumination Request Form. It should be noted that all requests must be made at least four weeks in advance. 

Proclamations and Illuminations 2024 

The following proclamations have been endorsed by Council.  
No proclamations have been declared. 
No proclamations have been declared. 
No proclamations have been declared. 
  • April 15-20 2024 - Volunteer Week
  • May is Museum Month
  • May 5 - World PH Day (Pulmonary Hypertension) - Illumination 
  • May 26 - June 1 National AccessAbility Week
  • May 29 - Red Shirt Day
  •  June is Pride Month
  • June is National Indigenous History Month
  • June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day