The wastewater treatment plant located at 212 Wolf Grove Road presently offers capacity to serve the growth needs of the Almonte Ward through to 2031 when the population of the serviced area is expected to reach over 8,000. The treatment plant also provides environmentally responsible treatment alternatives for septage materials which are pumped and hauled from private septic systems in the rural areas of Pakenham and Ramsay. In addition, the treatment plant serves to address the following community needs:

  • Addressing the needs of long term and sustainable growth
  • Meeting the current provincial water quality requirements for effluent discharges to the Mississippi River
  • Resolve health and safety concerns regarding the structural integrity of the lagoons
  • Provide an environmentally responsible treatment alternative to address hauled sewage
  • Improve air quality concerns in the area

By-law 15-10 Hauled Liquid Waste Fees and Rates 

2023 Hauled Sewage Waste Fees and Rates

Annual Hauler Permit Fee - $318.64

Annual Hauler Permit Revision Fee - $176.59

Liquid Sewage (holding tank waste – generated in Mississippi Mills) - $4.72/cubic metre

Liquid Sewage (septic waste – generated in Mississippi Mills) - $11.77/cubic metre

Liquid Sewage Material (holding tank and septic waste – generated outside of Mississippi Mills) - $28.36/cubic metre

Form WW-100 Application to Deliver Hauled Sewage

Form WW-300 Hauled Sewage Record Form