Santa in a Fire Truck

Celebrating may look a little different this year but the Christmas spirit is alive and well in in Mississippi Mills.

To keep everyone safe and healthy into 2021 we have made the difficult decision to cancel Light Up the Night and our traditional Santa Claus Parades. But it’s not all bad news. We have some great new traditions that we’re sure people will get excited about.

When we started thinking about what our holiday plans would look like in Mississippi Mills, we knew it would be extra important that we still offered a season chalked full of the Christmas spirit. We started by breaking down what people truly love about our Christmas events and figuring out how we could deliver the same festive experiences in a newly imagined 2020 way.

So here’s our list of what we think our Christmas events usually offer and how we’re planning to do that(a little differently) for 2020.

Admiring the Beautiful Christmas Lights and Decorations

Since we won’t be hosting “Light Up the Night” or our Christmas parades, we’re inviting home and business owners across the Municipality to “Light Up the Town” with their Christmas décor at home or work. We’re working with some friends to offer an online interactive map. Residents will be able to enter their address to be considered in our Christmas decorating contest. We’ll be awarding prizes and inviting the public to help us judge. Once the map has been populated, residents will be able to use it to create a route for their own private Christmas Night Parade. Jump in your car and take the family along to admire our beautiful Municipality and our residents creative Christmas displays. Did we mention there will be prizes?

Spreading Christmas Cheer to our Neighbours and Friends

2020 has already been lonely for so many people. Christmas is a time we look forward to seeing each other and spreading cheer. This year that will be a challenge. The Municipality is inviting the public to send us their “Christmas Cheer Videos”. Sing us your favorite holiday carol or just send a simple hello. We want to see your smiling faces and share them with the rest of the community. We have already received some great videos from the teachers of Almonte District High School and the residents of Orchardview (you HAVE to check them out!). Send us your video and check back often to see others. We will be adding them as they come. We can’t wait!

We are also happy to be working with MM Together, Carebridge and our local schools to send Christmas cards to those who may be isolated this season. If you are interested in volunteering to write Christmas cards or know of someone who may be lonely please get in touch.

Remembering Charity

The Holiday Season always reminds us of those less fortunate. Whether it’s bringing cans for the food bank to a parade or picking a child’s name off an angel tree, donating is usually such an important part of the season. For 2020 it is more important than ever to make sure we remember those in need. Our local charities have been working on creative ways to make it easier for you to donate from home. Visit our Christmas 2020 Website for a listing of charity holiday initiatives and information on how to give.

Supporting Local Businesses

Another important benefit of our traditional holiday events is that we usually bring people downtown reminding them to support local.  Whether you are buying from the farmers’ market or shopping at the hardware store, you are not only supporting the local economy, but also supporting your neighbours. The farmer down the road, the shop owner downtown, and your local brew master, each appreciate their customers much more than any large online retailer ever will. Your holiday purchases will help our local businesses survive. Put your money where your home is this Christmas.

Bringing Santa Claus to Town

And last but not least we know that Christmas weekend in Mississippi Mills brings Santa to town. On a normal year he makes his grand entrance on the Light Up the Night stage and stays with us for the whole weekend. When he heard we had to cancel our events this year Santa let us know he still REALLY wanted to come and say a big HO HO HO to all the Mississippi Mills kids. Lucky for us the Mississippi Mills Fire Department was eager to help!

We are thrilled to announce that Santa will be making FIVE trips around Mississippi Mills this year. He will be in Clayton, Pakenham and Blakeney on December 5th and in Appleton and Almonte on December 6th! And bonus he will be riding in a Mississippi Mills Fire Truck!

Our local Firefighters will be walking the route to collect donations for the local food bank along with your letters to Santa! Visit our website for details, timing, and individual maps of the routes.

Visit our Mississippi Mills Christmas Website for all the details.

For more information on Mississippi Mills Christmas Reimagined contact:

Tiffany MacLaren
Community Economic & Cultural Coordinator
613-256-1077 ext. 22