Clayton StoreWhy should you support local this holiday season?

It shows you care about your local community

The number one perk to consider is that supporting local means that you care about the community that you live in. You’ll be able to put money back into your community and the other people who call it home, too. It’ll also give your local economy a chance to thrive.

It shows respect to the business owners

Shopping with a local business shows them that you respect that they are getting out there everyday and trying their best to make an honest living even against all of the competition out there. 

You’re helping bring character to the commercial world

The commercial world is full of companies that all offer basically identical options. Our heritage downtowns offer unique and personal shopping experiences. The items they carry were picked out with intention. And you will most likely get to talk to the shop owner while you shop.

You’ll get unique products

Unlike big corporations, shopping local is going to offer you unique products that will be as incredible as you think they will. There are lots of local makers who bring their personal experiences, skills, and creativity to their products. Take the time to shop small and you’ll find out how these local people bring their soul to their businesses.