The Municipality in partnership with Red Dress Productions and Lanark County Interval House and Community Support is looking for your input on the choice of a location for a Pebble Mosaic Art project in Almonte!

With community engagement and collaborative cultural production, the Public Art Project works to increase the public’s understanding of sexual and gender-based violence and offers spaces of remembrance, peace, and hope for those who have been affected. 

You can find these unique pieces of art, similar to the picture below, in cities across Ontario, including Carleton Place, Eganville, Pembroke and Peterborough to name a few.

Pebble Mosaic Art picture 1

There are two (2) locations in Almonte for you to choose where the Pebble Mosaic should go.

They include:

1. Almonte Old Town Hall Garden

This gorgeous garden is located behind Almonte Old Town Hall along the banks of the river. It was created by Fern Martin, an advocate for Women's rights and is located beside the Riverwalk and close to the memorial fountain for Bernard Cameron, a former Councillor whose life was taken by domestic violence. Fern Martin's Musical Fence can also be found to the right of this garden. The garden itself is in need of a refresh which is scheduled for this summer (this photo is from better years). If this location is chosen the Almonte Horticultural Society will work the pebble mosaic into the garden landscape.

Almonte Old Town Hall

2. Kirkland Park

The Kirkland Park is located beside the Almonte Post Office and sits along the banks of the falls with lots of lush greenery and large shaded trees. It contains a gazebo and benches for quiet moments of reflection with the Riverwalk trail running through it.

Kirkland Park



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The opportunity to participate in the survey ends April 30, 2021 as the project is planned to be revealed at the end of the summer!

The Lanark County Interval House and Community Support has art kits available for those who might be interested in engaging from a distance.  Emma Kinsman is the ambassador for this project. 

For more information on these Pebble Mosaic Art pieces or to be a part of the project please contact Emma Kinsman at to receive your package and for information on virtual workshops with the Red Dress team.