On Tuesday night the municipality hosted a virtual information session for the Official Plan Amendment (OPA) 22 - Almonte Settlement Area Boundary Review. The purpose of the session was to provide residents and stakeholders with information and an opportunity to ask clarifying questions so that they could prepare their comments and submissions on the proposed amendment regarding the Almonte Settlement Area Boundary Review. This session was not a requirement under the Planning Act and was in addition to the statutory Public Meeting .  For more information on the OPA 22 please visit our Public Engagement  page.

If you were unable to attend the information session, a video recording has been posted on our website under the Public Engagement page.

Public Meeting  for the OPA 22 will be held this Tuesday during the January 26, 2021 Council meeting at 6pm.  During the statutory public meeting Council will receive the official comments and submissions from the public on the proposed amendment. Due to COVID-19 restrictions there will be no in-person participation at the meeting however, comments and questions can be provided to staff before the meeting to be considered by Council. There will also be an opportunity for residents who wish to speak to Council regarding the OPA 22 to register for virtual participation during the Public Meeting.  Please send your written comments and requests to speak by email to myet@mississippimills.ca or mrivet@jlrichards.ca , reference "OPA 22".

To watch the livestreaming of this virtual Council meeting please visit the Council Calendar page and click on the January 26, 2021 Council meeting video link.