The following road projects were approved during the 2022 Mississippi Mills Municipal Budget process and are schedule for this season. Construction schedules are being finalized; projects are not in chronological order. Residents in the affected areas will be notified in advance.

1. Clayton Road – From Tatlock Road easterly for 4.73 km – Microsurface Renewal

2. Bayview Lodge Road (Shared with McNabb Braeside) Full Length – Microsurface Renewal

3. Ramsay Concession 8 – From Wolf Grove Road to Clayton Road – Roadway Renewal (Surface Treatment)

4. Country Street – From Urban Boundary to Rae Road – Roadway Renewal (Surface treatment)

5. Rae Road – From Country Street to County Road 29 – Roadway Renewal (Surface treatment)

6. Concession 4 Pakenham – From Campbell Side Road to Municipal Boundary – Road Renewal – (Asphalt)

7. Concession 10 North Pakenham – From Waba Road to Municipal Boundary – Pulverize and Gravel 2022, Surface Treatment 2023)

8. Mill Street, Brae and Little Bridge - Almonte Downtown Core Renewal – see website for updates

Questions should be directed to: Cory Smith, A/Director of Public Works