February 26, 2022 - Today, a freedom convoy drove through communities in Lanark County. This demonstration began in Smiths Falls and travelled to Perth and Carleton Place ending in Mississippi Mills.

In the lead up to today’s demonstration, Mayor Pankow (Smiths Falls), Deputy Mayor MacPherson (Perth), Mayor Black (Carleton Place) and Mayor Lowry (Mississippi Mills) met with the Lanark OPP and the Smiths Falls Police Service (SFPS) to ensure full operational plans were in place and that the communities were equipped to handle any situation.

The four Mayors along with staff also shared information during the week and today to help limit any potential disturbances.  Together, the goal was to maintain public safety and minimize the impact on the communities while respecting peaceful demonstration. 

Throughout the day the OPP and SFPS were in communication with representatives from the four communities. As well, the Mayors and staff from each municipality worked closely together and shared information.

We are pleased that the protest remained peaceful, and that public safety was maintained. We respect the right for individuals to protest safely. It is our role along with the police to put plans in place to ensure that members of our communities were not put at risk.

We would like to thank the organizer of the convoy for having open communication with the police and maintaining a peaceful demonstration. We would also like to thank the residents in each of our communities for their patience and understanding.

In closing, thank you to the leadership of the OPP and SFPS for their organization and open communication with representatives from our four communities.  We planned together, helped each other prepare and responded to the demonstration in a coordinated effort which saw a peaceful protest with limited impact on our communities. 

Endorsed by:

-        Shawn Pankow, Mayor of Smiths Falls

-        John Fenik, Mayor of Perth

-        Doug Black, Mayor of Carleton Place

-        Christa Lowry, Mayor of Mississippi Mills