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May 2, 2022

Emergency Management is a shared responsibility in a country as large as Canada. While governments work hard at all levels to keep us safe, everyone has a role to play in a crisis.

Emergency preparedness starts at the individual level. Experience has shown that individual preparedness goes a long way to help people cope better – both during and after a major disaster.

Municipalities are the first lines of defence when disaster strikes. Police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other community groups have skills, training, and experience to manage most small-scale emergencies that happen in the community. In the event the Mayor declares a natural or human caused Municipal Emergency, the Municipality’s Emergency Response Plan will ensure the responding and support agencies are coordinated and further risks to the community are managed.

If a municipality needs additional assistance or resources, they can call on the Province or territorial emergency management organizations.  Assistance from the federal government is also available if the emergency escalated beyond the combined capabilities.

This week, take concrete actions to be better prepared. While governments at all levels work hard to keep us safe, we all have our role to play in an emergency. Our actions have an impact.


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