Photo of a multi-storey stone building with concrete barriers and pylons in the foreground. A large 'Road Closed' sign can be seen to the right.

Following temporary stabilization works completed on the belltower at Dungarvon Building (38 Main Street East) this winter, staff are continuing to monitor the situation.    

A new order was issued to the property owner today (May 6), requiring a comprehensive building report on the status of the remainder of the building to identify any remedial works to ensure the safety of the building, with one of the goals being to allow Main Street to fully reopen. Options include making repairs to the building or demolition.  

The owner has also been given the option of hiring professionals to undertake the Order's requirements or authorizing the Chief Building Official to initiate the work. 

Staff continue to work with Ottawa River Power Corporation (ORPC) on a plan, due to the proximity of the hydro wires to the building.  

The temporary traffic lights installed along Main Street East will remain in effect until further notice.  

Updates will continue to be provided to the public as they become available.