Meeting Date:                      Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 at 5:30 p.m.
File Number:                         A-14-20                                 
Owner(s)/Applicant:        Paul Cadieux & Catherine Wright-Cadieux
Legal Description:             Plan 6262, McIntosh Section, Lots E & F
Municipal Address:           77 Little Bridge Street
Ward:                                        Almonte
Zoning:                                     Downtown Commercial (C2)


The owner/applicant is requesting relief from the maximum density provision of Section 7.3.2 to permit the conversion of a commercial unit to a residential unit on the ground floor of a non-residential building in the Downtown Commercial (C2) Zone. The maximum density permitted based on the total lot size of 385.5m2 (4,150ft2) is 2.81, whereas a maximum density of 3 units is being requested. 

Complete Notice of Public Hearing is attached.