Meeting Date:                    Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 at 5:30 p.m.
File Number:                        A-13-20                                 
Owner(s)/Applicant:       Claire Marson & Marson Vita Productions
Legal Description:             Plan 779, Part Block D, Part Mackenzie St/Mill St
                                                       being Part 1 on RP 27R9235 and Parts 6 & 7 on RP 27R9384
Municipal Address:         4839 Kinburn Side Road
Ward:                                      Pakenham
Zoning:                                   Highway Commercial (C3)



The owner/applicant is requesting permission to expand a legal non-conforming secondary dwelling unit within the Highway Commercial (C3) Zone from 73.5m2 (791.5ft2) to 136.0m2 (1,464.4ft2). The subject property is used for commercial uses and non-conforming residential uses. The existing secondary dwelling unit is located in the second-storey of an accessory structure. The expansion would include a portion of the ground floor that is generally used for commercial purposes and serves as a living room and lounge. 

Complete Notice of Public Hearing is attached.