Highlights of the March 7th, 2023
Council Meeting

Birket Foster, Chairman and CEO of Storm Internet Services provided a company overview and highlighted the services and ongoing work in Mississippi Mills.

With respect to the 2023 draft budget, Council approved reallocating $140,000 to general reserves, as result of unspent funds from completed projects or previously budgeted projects not initiated in 2023.  

The Committee of the Whole received a quarterly update from Recreation and Community and Economic Development. You can read the reports by clicking here.  

Committee of the Whole also heard the following item, which will be brought forward for approval at a future Council meeting:

  • Recommend to Council to allow the tendering for replacement of the Almonte Curling Refrigeration plant and to authorize a Trillium Grant application submitted by the Municipality upwards of $150,000 towards plant.

  • Recommend that Council approve the following motions related to the 2023 draft budget:

    • Reduce the Police Levy and increase the Municipal tax rate to generate an additional $178,760 of funds for Community Safety and Well-Being initiatives, including traffic calming measures (no net increase to a resident’s overall tax bill)

    • Increase borrowing by $1,000,000 for capital projects (roads)

    • Include the curling refrigeration unit, tennis courts, pickleball, dog park, pool services in the upcoming Community Services Master Plan

    • That the 2023 draft budget be approved as amended

Committee of the Whole reviewed a Governance Report and provided direction to staff to bring back updates and/or changes to the following:

  • Procedural Bylaw

  • Develop a Community Engagement Framework

  • The Property Standards Terms of Reference and By-law

  • Council and Committee Code of Conduct to be consistent with other municipalities in Lanark County

  • Council Staff Relations Policy to be consistent with corresponding by-laws and policies.

 Upcoming Meetings:

  • Hybrid Council Meeting – March 21st, 2023 at 6:00 pm. Committee of the Whole Meeting to follow Council.

  • Hybrid Council Meeting – April 4th, 2023 at 6:00 pm. Committee of the Whole Meeting to follow Council.

Upcoming Bicentennial Events:

  • March 14 - "March Family Nature Day" at the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area.  10am - 3pm. Enjoy snowshoeing, shelter building, animal tracks, a bonfire, geology activities and a nature treasure hunt with prizes, snacks and drinks on site!
  • March 17 - St. Patrick's Dance featuring 'Sham Rockin' with the Ryans with special guest Terri-Lynn Mahusky' at the Stewart Community Centre.
  • March 25 - Celebrate Almonte - Celebrate Almonte's past and present. This event is for the whole family and runs from 11am - 3pm.
  • March 26 – Community Information Session to introduce Ginawaydaganuc Village. 12pm - 4pm at Almonte Old Town Hall. Ginawaydaganuc Village is an innovative, Indigenous-led, multicultural economic development plan slated for Almonte, with an anticipated opening in 2024-2026. This business hub will feature a restaurant, a small hotel, retail space, academy/workshop space and an Indigenous Elder’s Lodge.
  • March to May - MM Community Reads!" The Days of Toil and Tears: The Child Labour Diary of Flora Rutherford" by Sarah Ellis. This story is set in Almonte about an orphan who works in a textile mill. 
  • April 6 - Community Luncheon from 11:30am - 1pm, hosted by the Almonte Civitan.