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Map showing the Almonte Wellness Trail

The Almonte Wellness Trail is an interactive, educational and multi-generational initiative providing an accessible community outdoor space and a wide range of activities. Read more about the features below. 

Millworkers' Staircase logo

The Millworkers Staircase

This 9.5 metre steel staircase pays tribute to Almonte's mill history and re-creates a set of narrow, steep wooden stairs mill workers used to get between Coleman Island and Union Street. The new stairs have rest stops at different levels. If you find the stairs difficult, enjoy the views of the river and quiet surroundings of Coleman Island  Park. 

Mark's Outlook logo

Mark's Outlook

Mark's Outlook, at the bottom of Martin and Spring Street, is a tiny treasure where you can launch a canoe, splash in the water, fish, relax, and chat with friends new and old while enjoying panoramic views of the river. The Outlook is fully accessible. Like Mark we hope that you find strength, courage, and peace in this special place as you watch the river flow by.

Tree of Life Labyrinth logo

The Tree of Life Labyrinth

Take a meditative walk along the paths of our labyrinth. For centuries, walking the labyrinth has given moments for relaxation, calming and /or clarifying our minds by helping us to be still amid the busyness of life. If you prefer to sit and contemplate, consider using our miniature finger labyrinth to trace a path to the center and back. For more information, go to www.stpaulsalmonte.ca.

The Seven Gifts logo

The Seven Gifts

The Seven Gifts is based on the Anishinabek Algonquin teachings of the Seven Grandfathers. Created in collaboration with Indigenous Algonquin Anishinaabe Elders and local faith communities, the Seven Gifts draw attention to teachings that show us how to be together on and with our lands and waters. We hope that people will come to learn about these teachings, embrace them and seek healing and reconciliation in their relationships with one another and with the land.

Outdoor Exercise Elements logo

Outdoor Exercise Elements

Along the Almonte Wellness Trail, stop and try out the five physical activity stations spread out along the way. You workout various parts of your body using the specially designed equipment. Whatever your abilities these stations offer fun and fitness activities for all.

The Gathering Place logo

The Gathering Place

Plan to join family and friends at this fully accessible outdoor eating spot and physical activity area along the banks of the Mississippi River. This location marks the beginning or the end of the Almonte Wellness Trail. Almonte invites you to gather for friendly conversation, shared meals, and fitness activities with old and new friends.