Spotlight - Strategic Plan 2020-2023

A strategic plan helps create a unified community vision. Council is working on a strategic plan to guide and prioritize how the Municipality will use its resources for the next 3 years.  The Strategic Plan is the “big picture” that guides the daily work of the Municipality.

Over the past 8 months Council has identified the themes and steps to achieving our goals. Council Members presented areas for improvements and ideas to fulfill objectives. As a group Council drafted the community value statements and the vision statement. Staff then created project charters to describe the implementation of Municipal actions. These plans include the scope, timelines, resources, and potential issues.

You can download the full Strategic Plan below:

Strategic Plan

The Vision Statement

Mississippi Mills will promote and balance employment, growth, and the environment, to create a caring community for its residents supported by exchanging information, integrity and financial responsibility while capitalizing on its natural assets, history, culture and diversity of its people.

5 Main Themes

The Strategic Plan themes describe Council’s priorities for their term in office. The Municipality will focus resources in these areas. Themes also identify the actions required to achieve these goals.

Quality of Life: Mississippi Mills is an attractive and attainable place where everyone can enjoy a high quality of life. Council will advocate for improved medical resources, long term care, housing, safety and other services. The health and happiness of all residents is essential.

Infrastructure: Provide safe and reliable infrastructure that meets the expectations of residents. Environmental and financial sustainability is a priority.

Modernization for Operational Excellence: Strive for excellent service delivery for rural, suburban and urban needs. This will need integration across facilities, equipment and staff.

Economic Development: Expand the economy by encouraging local employment, residential development, small and light industry. The Municipality will promote and celebrate our recreation and tourism industry.

Financial Management: Focus on multi-year financial sustainability. Establish a tax, debt management and reserve strategy that is predictable and sustainable.

September 29th Resolutions from Council

There was a special Council meeting on September 29th for Council to discuss the Strategic Plan. To view the agenda and watch a recording of the meeting please visit our Council Calendar page. The resolutions that came out of that meeting are listed below.

  • THAT considering Strategic Plan Priority item 12, Economic and Branding Plan, the conversation reflects the current and future affects and realities of COVID 19.
  • THAT considering Strategic Plan Priority item 12, Economic and Branding Plan, discussions reflect the agriculture and local food systems as a priority.
  • THAT considering the Strategic Plan Priority item 10, Communications and Engagement Plan, discussions include strategies to engage Youth.
  • THAT the strategic planning process identifies age friendly (including youth), rural, agriculture, COVID-19 and environmental impact items be considered where applicable.
  • THAT Council accept this report with the results of the public consultation as information; AND THAT Council approve the Strategic Plan 2020-2023 as amended.