Community Services Master Plan

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills delivers several community focused services including Childcare, Culture and Recreation.  These services, that involve the social interaction of people, are the fabric of the community.  This project will develop a shared understanding of the services and the future direction they will take in conjunction with the changes and growth of the Municipality. 

This Master Plan will include reviewing all Recreation parks, facilities, programming, culture, public art, heritage, staffing components of the Recreation and Culture department, and Childcare services.  It will take into consideration age friendly components for all areas.  Input should also be obtained from local groups who provide valuable services to our community. 

Background Information

2013 Recreation Master Plan

Service Delivery Review – Recreation and Cultural Services

Public Consultation to Guide Recreation and Cultural Services in the Municipality of Mississippi Mills

PIC #2 Information Boards - January 2024
Community Services Master Plan
PIC #1 Information Boards - April 2023
Community Services Master Plan
Calvin Murphy, Recreation Manager
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