Solid Waste Management Strategy Update

The changing landscape of Waste Management services is greatly affected by new technologies and legislation.  As the waste management industry is shifting to a circular economy, the type of services and they way they are provided are ever changing.  An example of this is the transition of the blue-bin program from being operated by individual municipalities to being operated by a single not-for-profit entity that will manage a single blue bin program across the province.   

Mississippi Mills is conducting a review of our Solid Waste Management Strategy.  The purpose of the strategy is to update the existing Solid Waste Management Strategy and to complete a comprehensive review of our current service delivery for all waste management programs and services provided in Mississippi Mills.  The review will benchmark our system and identify gaps and opportunities to expand and improve our services . A review of existing services and policies for multi-residential and Industrial Commercial and Institutional wastes, and identify the need for new policies and guidelines to manage growth in Mississippi Mills. 

The Solid Waste Management Strategy Community Survey is now closed. Thank you for your input.
Background Information
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Solid Waste Management Strategy Update 
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Solid Waste Management Strategy

Municipal Contact:

Zack Moshonas
Roads and Public Works
Environmental Compliance Coordinator
613-256-2064 ext. 405