Mississippi Mills is filled with beautiful historical landmarks. They are the pride and joy of everyone who lives here. These historic structures represent the history and the beauty of the area. Take the time to stop by each one and be taken back in time to over 100 years ago! It's a great way to learn about the past and they serve as an important reminder to cherish these treasures for future generations.  

 Pakenham Five Span Bridge
Pakenham 5 span Bridge

This historic five-arch stone bridge is believed to be the only one of its kind in the world outside of Russia. It was built in 1903 by Scottish Stone Masons (O'Toole & Keating of Ottawa) over the rapids of the Mississippi River in Pakenham. It was constructed using stones sourced from a local quarry.

Originally, the bridge was built for horses and carriages which led to the stability of the bridge being compromised once automobiles were invented. This led to the bridge being restored in 1984 by the National Capital Commission where the stones were carefully removed and identified before being reinstated into their original position over the reinforced concrete structure used to strengthen the bridge for modern day use.

Day trip idea! Visit the village of Pakenham and step back in time by driving over the historic 5 Span Bridge. While you're there visit the local shops including one of the oldest general stores in North America and one of the Seven Wonders of Lanark County, St. Peter Celestine church! 
 Almonte Old Town Hall
Almonte Old Town Hall

Built in 1884, this beautiful historical landmark is the centre of Almonte, attracting attention from all over the town (as was the intention when the building was built). 

Declared a heritage site in 1979, its auditorium's soaring ceiling of hand-hewn Douglas Fir beams offers an acoustic setting unparalled in the area. It has become Almonte's premiere venue for theatre, musical performances, weddings and more. 

For more information about this historic landmark click here.
St. Peter Celestine Church
St. Peter's Celestine
St. Peter Celestine Roman Catholic Church is one of the Seven Wonders of Lanark County and it's located in Pakenham. It is the only church in the county built in the French Classic style and is one of only three Canadian churches known to retain its particular Classic Italianate interior decoration.

The superb original interior decor was restored as part of the church’s centennial celebrations in 1993.

For more information on this historic landmark visit the St. Peter Celestine website.

Old Post Office
Old Post Office

The Old Post Office
 is a designated national historic site located in the centre of downtown Almonte and was built in 1891. This building was erected to house postal and customs services. It was designed by Thomas Fuller, the architect of the Parliament Buildings.

This building is influenced by the Romanesque Revival style, as the wide voussoirs over the doors and windows illustrate. The steep, picturesque roof and richly coloured and carved stone are characteristic of the period.

Listen and you will hear the clock tower tolling the hours.

For more information on this historic site visit the Parks Canada website.  
Auld Kirk Church & Cemetery
Auld Kirk

The early settlers of the 1820s from Ireland and Scotland brought their bibles and religion with them. They met in different homes before any buildings were erected as churches. The ancestors of the Hamiltons and Aiken drew the stone for this church in 1829 and 1830 from the Huntley area by wagon and sleigh; they had the determination to fulfill a dream of accomplishment.

The Auld Kirk Church was completed in 1836 in an early form of Gothic Revival architecture on land obtained from James Mitchell, one of the township's earliest settlers. It ceased to be used as a church in 1864 when a new church was opened in Almonte however it was restored in 1938. The cemetery continues to be used.

The cemetery here is one of the most interesting and beautiful cemeteries in the area. Many of the old stones have been repaired and reset.
Pakenham General Store
Pakenham General Store

The Pakenham General Store began in 1840 and is the oldest General store still in operation today in North America.

Stop by the store and smell the delicious smells of the bakery. Also check out the assortment of home decor products! At Christmas time, look up to see the train moving around the store. You won't leave empty handed!
Clayton General Store
Clayton General Store

Located to the west of Almonte, Clayton was first named Bellamy’s Mills, Clifton and then finally named Clayton in 1858. The once bustling village included a gristmill, sawmill, carding mills and woolen cloth factory, distillery, hotels, and tannery. The old-style Clayton General Store has been the community hub since 1839 and continues to thrive today!

Clayton Lake and the Indian River make this picturesque hamlet a popular spot for fishing, hiking and boating, while the bountiful hardwood forests make it a maple syrup epicenter for the region.
 Cedar Hill School House
Cedar Hill Schoolhouse
Located at 270 Cedar Hill Road, Pakenham, the Cedar Hill School House is a historic schoolhouse that served as a school for 94 years from 1874 to 1968.

It has been recently renovated and is ideal for meetings, family reunions, and small parties. 
Union Hall
Union Hall

Union Hall, located on the corner of Tatlock Rd. and Wolf Grove Rd., was built in 1857 and has been used for over 150 years as a library, meeting hall, place of worship, and as a setting for family reunions, memorial services, dances, and parties. The Union Hall Women’s Institute helped with the expansion of the stage and well-loved dance floor.