A scenic walk along the Mississippi River in historic downtown Almonte, Ontario


The rich history of this area is evidenced at many sites along the Riverwalk. These include the former Mississippi Iron Works, Thoburn Mill, the railway crossing, and the Victoria Woollen Mill. Details can be found at points along the path.

You may begin your visit to the Riverwalk beside Almonte Old Town Hall, 14 Bridge St. Almonte, ON.

Historically the Mississippi River was a travel route used by Aboriginal peoples and a catalyst for industry. Now the river's value rests in its natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and green power generation. By leading visitors through beautiful natural areas, historic sites, and businesses, the Riverwalk links our past to our future.

Along the way are stunning views of the Mississippi River as it weaves its way beneath the train bridge and past Kirkland Park, to a fabulous lookout by the Victoria Woollen Mill that offers a breathtaking view of the falls. From there, the Riverwalk crosses Almonte Street and continues to another lookout at the new power plant overlooking Metcalfe Park and the lower falls. Most of the walk is relatively easy, with attractive benches located along the path for relaxing, bird watching, and taking in the beauty of the river.

The Riverwalk was made possible through the generous support of the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, as well as contributions from local supporters, matched by the Municipality of Mississippi Mills. Numerous volunteers helped with the planning and development of the Riverwalk, making
it an outstanding and unique community asset.

Riverwalk Contributors

Parking for the Riverwalk is available at several points .The bridge and path network is designed for use by walkers and those with disabilities.

Riverwalk Donor Recognition Presentation - May 6, 2017

OVRT/Riverwalk in Almonte Presentation - February 6, 2017