Kayaking and Canoeing

The Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists maintain a detailed guide to paddling routes in the area.
Visit their website for information about these Mississippi Mills routes:

#15 Appleton and Mississippi River downriver

#16 Clayton Lake

#17 Mississippi River from Pakenham upriver

#18 Mississippi River from Pakenham downriver

#19 Mississippi River from Almonte upriver

#20 Almonte and Mississippi River downstream

Clayton LakeClayton Lake

Clayton Lake is situated in the Townships of Lanark Highlands and Mississippi Mills in Lanark County. Clayton Lake is at an elevation of 161 metres above sea level. The lake perimeter is approximately 13.5 kilometres, with a maximum depth of 10.7 metres. Clayton Lake supports a warm water fishery. Common species include Yellow Pickerel, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass. At last count in 1965, there were 34 cottages, 1 (3) resorts, 70 campsites and 38 vacant lots on the lake.