Mississippi Mills is blessed with two vibrant downtown cores in Almonte and Pakenham.


Downtown Almonte Heritage District Study

Your Council and administration are seeking to carry out a Heritage Conservation District Study that would assess the cultural heritage value of downtown Almonte and recommend whether this historic centre should be considered for Heritage Conservation District (HCD) designation under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Watson McEwen Teramura Architects is working on behalf of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills to undertake this study.

The first of several public meetings and consultations was held in March 2014.

More information on the Proposed Downtown Almonte Heritage District  (click link to visit Municipal Committees page and scroll to the Heritage Committee section)


On Thursday August 14th property owners and interested members of the community were invited to attend a Public Consultation Session to provide input on the Downtown Almonte Heritage Conservation District Study. The study area covers the commercial core of Almonte, including areas in around Mill and Bridge Streets, as well as the residential areas surrounding Union Street North, Main Street East and Queen Street, and the residential area of Coleman Island.

The study was initiated in early 2014 to evaluate the buildings and resources within the study area, and to consider designation of this area as a Heritage Conservation District (HCD). A well-attended Public Meeting and Information Session was held in March 2014, where the concept of a Heritage Conservation District was introduced.  

At the August 14th session consultants from Watson MacEwen Teramura presented the general findings and recommendations of the study, including objectives for designation, proposed boundaries of the HCD, and a description of the District to another full auditorium of engaged residents.

You can review the presentation here:


Downtown Almonte Heritage Conservation District Study


Downtown Almonte Heritage Conservation District Plan and Guidelines



TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills passed By-law No. 16-61 to designate the Downtown Almonte Heritage Conservation District and adopt a Heritage Conservation District Plan, on June 28, 2016 under Part V Section 41 of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.O.18.

A map of the area is attached or can be found at the following link: Revised notice of Passing.  The complete by-law and Heritage Conservation District Plan are available for inspection at the Mississippi Mills Municipal Offices, 3131 Old Perth Road, Almonte ON K0A 1A0.

AND TAKE NOTICE that any person or agency may appeal in accordance with Section 40.1 (4) of the Ontario Heritage Act to the Ontario Municipal Board by filing with the Clerk of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills, Ms. Shawna Stone, no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday, August 8th, 2016. Anyone wishing to appeal must file by way of letter quoting the legislation, outlining the reasons for appeal, and the appeal fee. The appeal fee is $300.00 per appeal (as of July 1st, 2016) and must be made by certified cheque or money order made payable to the Minister of Finance.

No person or public body shall be added as a party to the hearing of the appeal unless, before the by-law was passed, the person or public body made oral submission at a public meeting or written submission to Council, or in the opinion of the Ontario Municipal Board, there are reasonable grounds to add the person or public body as a body.

For further information about this by-law please contact Shawna Stone, Acting Chief Administrative Officer at 613-256-2064 ext. 226.

Dated at the Municipality of Mississippi Mills this 28th day of July, 2016.

Shawna Stone, Clerk
Municipality of Mississippi Mills
3131 Old Perth Road, PO Box 400
Almonte ON  K0A 1A0

Almonte Downtown Core Environmental Assessment (EA) Study - Draft Recommended Plan  

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills has initiated the Infrastructure Renewals - Almonte Downtown Core Environmental Assessment (EA) Study. The study is addressing the advance planning needs for renewal of underground servicing (water, sewer, drainage, utilities) in the downtown core. It also involves working with the community to develop road and streetscape designs that are complementary to local businesses and enable safe, convenient and comfortable access for users of all ages and abilities regardless of their mode of transportation. The streetscape design under development shall work to enhance the unique cultural and heritage features of the core that are key to the Municipality's continued success in local business, tourism, community events and festivals.

The study process involves developing, assessing and evaluating alternatives, which will result in a Recommended Plan to be presented to Council for approval. 

An Open House was held on June 27th, 2016 to review and discuss the draft Recommended Plan with residents and to solicit feedback. A copy of the draft Recommended Plan is attached for information purposes and to encourage additional public feedback. Opportunity to provide comments on the draft Recommended Plan closes on July 8th, 2016. Please submit your comments directly to the Municipality's Planning Department attention Stephen Stirling, Municipal Planner at (613) 256-2064 x259 or by e-mail at

DRAFT Almonte Concept Plan - June 27, 2016

Almonte Public Open House - June 27, 2016


Mainstreet Almonte Attraction and Promotion (MAAP) promotes downtown Almonte and assists communication between festivals, organizations, the Town, and the downtown community. You might know us from such initiatives as Mill Street Money, EGGScapade, and Art of Living ads.

MAAP and its active volunteers believe strongly in the value of the Downtown Almonte shopping experience and the quality of community life in this part of Mississippi Mills. MAAP activities, and the MAAP brand, are intended to communicate these strong community values, the warmth of local businesses people and citizens, and the downtown experience. For MAAP, the downtown streetscape is as much about business as it is about a gathering place for families, artists, and various celebratory events and festivals.


The Pakenham Business and Tourism Association promotes businesses in downtown Pakenham and the surrounding area. 

Pakenham General Store exterior