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The Recreation & Culture Department is responsible for arts and culture, community programs, facility services, recreation services and parks and open spaces.


Download the Mississippi Mills Cultural Plan - accepted by Council on March 4, 2014. If you have questions about the plan please contact 

What is this Project About?

The Municipality of Mississippi is a community rich in natural heritage and culture. The Municipal Cultural Plan will establish a cultural vision for the Municipality as well as concrete strategies and actions to leverage the Municipalities cultural resources to support economic and broader community development goals. An important outcome will be integrating culture more effectively in Municipal planning and decision-making.

What is Municipal Cultural Planning?

Municipal Cultural Planning is a priority for the Government of Ontario. In 2011, Municipal Cultural Planning Inc. with support from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport produced Municipal Cultural Planning: A Toolkit for Ontario Municipalities. Those wishing more information on Municipal Cultural Planning may wish to access this publication.

In this video, Greg Baeker discusses the importance of municipal cultural planning as an essential tool for Ontario municipalities in rediscovering the wealth of place

Culture Led Economic Development

Creativity, culture and quality of place have become major drivers in growing local economies. One reason for the increased focus on culture-led economic development is a basic shift in assumptions about what drives local economies. A traditional economic growth model in which the attraction of large-scale business investment attracts jobs and people is being turned on its head. Instead, we understand that if we build communities with strong quality of place where people want to live and work, business and investment follow people, not the other way around. Places with strong community amenities and a range of cultural assets and entertainment options attract people, which in turn attract business investment. A second factor driving increased attention to culture is rapid growth in the creative cultural industries, one of the fastest growing sectors in the emerging creative economy.

With these conclusions comes the need for new strategies to cultivate cultural resources to drive economic development.

In this video, Gord Hume discusses the importance of municipal cultural planning as an essential tool for Ontario municipalities in reinventing and regenerating local economies.


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