Heritage Tax Relief Program

Provincial legislation to implement a new tax reduction program for heritage properties was passed on December 5, 2011 and was enacted as Section 442.8 of the Municipal Act which came into force on January 1, 2002.

Council, in conjunction with the Heritage Committee expressed an interest in establishing a by-law under this new piece of legislation recognizing the importance of providing an incentive to owners of such properties to encourage their restoration and preservation for future generations. Maintaining these structures is important to municipal economic vitality.

In addition, the Town's Community Official Plan refers to the importance of preserving heritage structures as an important method to restore the community's historic character. The cost of maintaining and preserving these structures is a burden to property owners.

Council passed By-law 10-89 to provide heritage property owners with a 25% tax relief program for education and municipal taxes to facilitate the preservation of these properties.

By-law 16-62 Heritage Grant 

Vacancy Rebate

Properties in the Commercial or Industrial tax classes that have been vacant for three (3) consecutive months may apply for a tax rebate. The application deadline is the last day of February in the year following the taxation year being applied for.

Vacancy Rebate Form