The Municipality of Mississippi Mills reviews and approves its capital and operating budget annually.

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Long Term Financial Plan

With Council's adoption of the new long term financial plan, the Municipality of Mississippi Mills is charting a new course.  The plan provides direction to both Council and Staff on expenditure and long term debt levels, reserve allocations and taxation requirements to 2030.  The long term financial plan does not include water and sewer related expenditures as they are not funded from the tax base but from user fees for the service.

The long term financial plan is required to address the backlog of capital replacement and rehabilitation needs of the Municipality.  In the absence of Federal Provincial funding, Council must provide adequate investments in infrastructure to ensure the safety of our residents and protect the sutainability of the Municipality's assets into the future.  The Municipality presently maintains 180 kilometres of paved roads, 178 kilometres of unpaved roads, 49 bridges and large culverts, 54 vehicles, 33 buildings and structures, 17 parks, 71 parcels of municipal land and 3 landfill sites

Long Term Financial Plan Documents

Water and Wastewater Financial Documents