Community Boards & Committees


Get involved with your community! 

The Municipality of Mississippi Mills uses Advisory Committees and Boards to provide recommendations, advice and information to Council on matters that relate to the purpose of the advisory committee/board. These advisory committees and boards help to facilitate public input to Council on programs and ideas and to assist in enhancing the quality of life of Mississippi Mills.

For a list of current Advisory Committee/Board Members please click the link below:

Statutory Committee/Board Appointments (Jan 22, 2019)
Committee Appointments (March 19, 2019)
Committee Appointments (April 16, 2019)

Below is a list of the current Advisory Committees and Boards with their Terms of Reference. 

 Committee/Board Terms of Reference
 Accessibility Advisory Committee (statutory) Terms of Reference
 Agricultural Advisory Committee Terms of Reference
 Community Economic Development Advisory Committee 
      - Riverwalk Expansion Working Group*
Beautification Working Group*
 Terms of Reference
 Community Policing Advisory Committee (statutory) Terms of Reference
 Emergency Management Community Control Group  (statutory) Terms of Reference
 Finance and Policy Advisory Committee Terms of Reference
 Heritage Advisory Committee (statutory) Terms of Reference
 Mississippi Mills Public Library Board (statutory) Purpose of Board
 Agendas & Minutes
 Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
 Terms of Reference
 Property Standards and Committee of Adjustment Advisory Committee (statutory) Terms of Reference
 Public Works Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Additional Organizations/Boards Representatives
Joint Cost Sharing Recreation Committee 
 Mayor Lowry 
 Councillor Dalgity
Carleton Place Library Board 
Beverley Rogers
Mississippi River Power Corporation  Mayor Lowry
Ottawa River Power Corporation  Brian Gallagher
Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority Mayor Lowry
 Councillor Holmes

All members of Mississippi Mills Advisory Committees and Boards must abide by Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Local Boards. Should you have any questions please contact the Municipality's Clerk's Department.

If you would like to apply to join a committee please visit the join a committee page to view current vacancies and to find the application to join a committee.

*Membership to the working groups will be determined by the appropriate Advisory Committee. If you would like to apply to be on any of the working groups please complete an application and it will be forwarded on to the appropriate Advisory Committee.