Sign Permits


A sign permit is required for specific signs in the community whether placed on your own property, municipal property or a third party owners property.  

A Sign Permit is require for any sign or advertising device, including:
  • Ground signs
  • Wall signs
  • Awning and projecting signs
  • Pole signs
  • Temporary mobile signs
A sign permit is required prior to erecting any sign and must be applied for, approved and paid for at the Mississippi Mills Building Department. Please be aware that a new version of the Mississippi Mills Sign By-Law is currently at the end stages of approvals and will be in effect in early 2016.  The information below is still referenced from the current 10-55 Sign By-Law.

SIGN BY-LAW - Please click here to review the 16-22 Sign By-Law.

SIGN APPLICATION - Please click here to find a fill out PDF for your sign permit application.

SIGN PERMIT FAQ's - Please click here to review the most commonly asked questions about sign permits.

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