Pool Permits


A pool permit is required for all residential pools and hot tubs within the Municipality of Mississippi Mills.  A pool permit must be attained prior to installation of any pool within the Municipality.  Please be aware that any deck or pool access platform over 108ft2 requires a building permit and you can visit our main page and see the requirements for that construction project. Below are useful links to help you properly apply for your pool permit:

POOL/HOT TUB PERMIT APPLICATION FORM - For pool only (PDF fill out form)  Remember this form is for the POOL ONLY.  If you are installing a pool with no deck then you will fill out this form and provide a detailed site-plan.  Review the sample pool site-plan section below for assistance in creating your site-plan for your pool permit.  

If you plan on installing a new deck or additional deck area to an existing deck to accommodate the new pool install then you will require a building permit application and sketches of the deck and it will constitute an additional permit to accompany your pool application.   The following will be required:

1. Building Permit Application 
2. Schedule 1
3. Site plan (can be combined on the pool site plan)
4. (2) Copies of Drawings (one cross section and one plan view drawing)
5. Letter of authorization (if being applied for by an authorized agent on behalf of owner)

POOL / HOT TUB BY-LAW - The most up to date and current pool bylaw (also applies to hot tubs)

SAMPLE POOL SITE PLAN AND SITE PLAN TEMPLATES - Samples to give direction when creating your pool site plan

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