Building Forms Documents and By-Laws


PERMIT DOCUMENTS - Click to view/print PDF Documents
(All Documents are Fill Out PDF's)

1.         Permit to Construct or Demolish
2.         Schedule 1 Designer Information
3.         Schedule 2 Sewage System Designer Information
4.         Energy Efficiency Design Summary (Prescriptive)
5.         Energy Efficiency Design Summary (Performance)
6.         Commitment to General Review by Architect or 

OTHER DOCUMENTS - Click to view/print PDF Documents

1.         List of Local Builders/Contractors/Designers/Engineers 
2.         Mississippi Mills Deck Building Guidelines
3.         Outdoor Wood Burning Stove Guidelines 
5.         Residential Occupancy Checklist (required items for closure of a new house build)
6.         Good Neighbour Lighting (pamphlet)
7.         Sign Permit Application 

RELEVANT BY-LAWS - Click to view/print PDF Documents

1.         Zoning By-Law
2.         Building By-Law
3.         Sign
3.         Outdoor Wood Burning Appliances 
4.         Pool/Hot Tub
5.         Dark Skies
6.         Property Standards

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