In a world where we receive an endless stream of news and constantly adapt to changes, we often have little space or time for meaningful reflection. On March 31st the Municipality of Mississippi Mills is creating an intentional space and time for our community to reflect. It is a day to honour those lost, reflect on our own experiences over the last year and remind everyone there is hope and light.

March 31st is a somber anniversary. This day marks one year since our Municipality learned of the first local death attributed to the Covid-19 virus. Over the past 12 months we have experienced tremendous loss: loss of family members and friends, loss of businesses, loss of direction, loss of plans, loss of security. While practicing social distancing has saved countless lives, it has also created intense feelings of isolation and loneliness. It is important to remain hopeful and remember we are not alone.

We encourage Mississippi Mills residents to use this anniversary to honour those lost in our community while also remembering we are still in this together. While there is a long stretch ahead yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is hope and we can continue to be light for each other. Since the beginning of the pandemic, neighbours in our community have supported each other through calls and emails, zoom chats and porch visits, through painted rocks and artwork in windows, care packages and greeting cards.

We cannot safely gather but we can still work together. We have reached out to our community churches and asked them to ring their bells twelve times to mark this milestone - one for each month we’ve come through since the Pandemic began. Please join us at 6:15PM on March 31st by stepping out of your homes and making sounds to respect and honour those who have passed and remind your neighbours that we are here, still offering hope to one another.

Warmest regards,


Christa Lowry
Mayor of Mississippi Mills