OPA 22

This Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 10:00 a.m., there will be a Special Committee of the Whole meeting for Planning items which include the Official Plan Amendment (OPA) 22 - Almonte Settlement Area Boundary Review. A report with recommendations will be presented to the Committee of the Whole (comprised of Council) at this meeting. Council will have the opportunity to discuss the report and ask questions of the Planning Consultant, Marc Rivet with J.L.Richards. The results of the meeting will not be finalized until approved by Council at a later date.


To view the full OPA 22 report please visit our Council Calendar and click on the agenda for March 25th Special Committee of the Whole meeting.


To watch the meeting live, or view the recorded meeting, please visit the Council Calendar and click on the video link beside the meeting date.


If you would like to comment on this report please send an email to myet@mississippimills.ca  or mrivet@jlrichards.ca  and reference "OPA 22".


For more information on the OPA 22, including previous reports, presentations, information, and meetings, please visit our website under Public Engagement.