MEDIA RELEASE - Highlights of December 19, 2017 Council Meeting

Posted on Wednesday December 20, 2017

As the year comes to a close, the Mayor presented his Annual Report focusing on the financial well-being of the Municipality and the achievements of 2017. In particular, the Mayor highlighted that going forward people can expect rising reserves, a levelling off and decline of debt and a smaller tax bite. The economy in 2017 grew with the addition of 165 new homes, the selling of 3 lots in the Business Park, the opening of 5 new stores and the expansion of current stores. He emphasized the Municipality’s rural and urban charms continue to be a major asset and bring many newcomers and tourists to the area.

Council approved and passed the 2018 Budget and the 2018 Water and Sewer Budget.

A new Director of Planning, Nicole Dwyer, was officially hired last night and will commence on March 1, 2018. Ms. Dwyer brings years of municipal planning experience and will be a welcomed asset to Mississippi Mills.

Kimberly O’Connell and Stephanie Lee provided a brief history of the Naismith Basketball Association (NBA)and the work that they have done in the community over the years. An exciting opportunity was presented to the NBA by Basketball Canada to host a 3 on 3 Quest Tournament in the spring of 2018. This tournament would bring elite athletes to the area and provide an opportunity to grow the existing 3 on 3 tournament. The NBA is seeking Municipal support in order to successfully host the Quest tournament and continue to provide services to the community.

Last night, Council heard from members of the public during a Public Meeting regarding a zoning amendment application for the proposed development of 36 Main St. East. The majority of the comments received from the public focused on entrance location, parking, increased traffic, rental units, Heritage Conservation District, setbacks, and preservation of vegetation and pillars. Next steps: the Junior Planner will review the concerns raised, work with stakeholders to address concerns, and will report back to Council for consideration. If there is a need for further public meetings, Council will provide direction and notice will be given to the public.

The Recreation Manager presented the draft Commemorative Bench, Bike and Tree Donation Policy. The policy has been referred to the Accessibility and Active Transportation Committees for further comments.

Progress on the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail (OVRT) is continuing with Council moving forward with two decisions lasts night. The CAO was directed to resubmit the project list for the paving of a portion of the OVRT to the Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling Program to determine if the Municipality is eligible for further funding under the program. Additionally, Council approved and added to comments that will be forwarded onto the County regarding the OVRT Management Plan.

Council authorized proceeding with a detailed design of the Mill Workers’ Staircase at a cost of $7,740 plus HST and the necessary geotechnical site investigations. Following completion of the designs, the Riverwalk Committee will be able to apply for grants and present the designs to the public. The cost of the designs will be paid for by Riverwalk fundraising and matched through municipal funding.

After hearing from the public, Council has decided to provide further opportunities for those interested to learn and ask questions about the proposed changes to the Community Official Plan (COP).  Early in 2018, Staff will bring forward a strategy to engage with the public on the proposed changes to the COP.  The scheduled public meeting on January 30, 2018 will be rescheduled to a later date. Please check our website regularly for updates and meeting notices.

Upcoming meetings:

  • Regular Council Meeting – January 16th, 2018 – 6:00 p.m. (Council Chambers)
  • Regular Council Meeting – January 30th, 2018 – 6:00 p.m. (Council Chambers)