Highlights of the March 5, 2019 Council Meeting

Posted on Wednesday March 06, 2019

Council heard an update from Mark Buchanan of J.L Richards regarding Phase 2 of the Environmental Assessment study for the potential solutions for water storage in Almonte. The preferred option would include maintaining the existing water tower and construct a new at-grade reservoir and pumping station. A decision on the recommended water storage solution will have to be made within the next 5 years.

Museums play an integral role contributing to the diversity and history of Mississippi Mills. Council heard from representatives of the three museums in Mississippi Mills: R.Tait McKenzie and Dr. James Naismith Museum; North Lanark Regional Museum; and the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum. All presenters highlighted their history, contributions to the community, number of visitors, exhibits, and programming.

Ball Diamonds in Pakenham and Gemmill Park will soon have advertising along the fencing. The advertising will be a new revenue stream for the Municipality while also providing local businesses with new advertisement opportunities.

The Director of Planning presented comments received from the County and Provincial Departments regarding Mississippi Mills proposed Community Official Plan. The Director focused on four areas: Significant Valley lands, Significant Wildlife Habitat, Aggregate Resources, and Natural Heritage Systems. The discussion focused on what changes the Municipality should adopt and how to work with the County on alternative solutions to not have an overly regulatory approval process for residents and developers. Also discussed was the uncertainty with potential changes coming from the Province that may have implications to the Community Official Plan. The Director will be bringing forward the remaining topics:  Population Projections and Settlement Strategy; Future Expansion Areas and Agricultural Lands at the March 19th Council meeting.

Council considered funding options for outstanding balance owing for the Gemmill Park project. The Treasurer proposed long term financing while also considering selling municipal land to offset the debt repayments. Council deferred this matter to next week’s budget meeting so that it can be included with budget discussions.

Other financial matters discussed included the statement of reserve funds and the transfer of $367,900 to reserves for 2018 capital projects that were incomplete or underspent.

Council approved the five questions that will be asked to all Deputy Mayor Candidates during the appointment process. All candidates will be given fifteen (15) minutes to respond to the same five questions. The final five questions are:

  1. Please address why you would like to be a Member of Council and elaborate on your long and short term visions for the Municipality of Mississippi Mills?
  2. What do you see as the immediate challenges facing the Municipality and Lanark County and what are your suggestions as to how to address them?
  3. One of the roles of Council is to maintain the financial integrity of the Municipality.  How does your experience lend itself to fulfilling this responsibility?
  4. Council may make decisions that not all members of the public agree with. Outline how you would address an unhappy citizen and explain how your experiences have equipped you to deal with these types of situations. Please include your thoughts on social media.
  5. The position of Deputy Mayor acts as the Mayor in his/her absence. Can you highlight what qualities, attributes and experience you have that demonstrate consensus building and leadership?


Upcoming Council Meetings

  • Special Budget Meeting – March 12, 2019 – 6:00 p.m. (Council Chambers)
  • Regular Council Meeting – March 19, 2019 – 6:00 p.m. (Council Chambers)
  • Special Appointment Meeting (Questions) – March 25, 2019 – 6:00 p.m. (Almonte Old Town Hall)
  • Special Appointment Meeting (Selection) – March 28, 2019 – 6:00 p.m. (Almonte Old Town Hall)